Media coverage of The BMJ article

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Mainstream media:

THE NEW YORKER: What the Government’s Dietary Guidelines May Get Wrong

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Are Dietary Fats Unhealthy? The Battle Over Dietary Guidelines.

NEWSWEEK: Report Says Proposed U.S. Dietary Guidelines Aren’t Backed Up by Relevant Science

CNN: How strong is the science behind the U.S. Dietary Guidelines?

YAHOO! HEALTH:  New Report Asserts Major Issues with the 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines

TIME: Here’s What’s Wrong With the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, Report Says

MINNESOTA POST: New U.S. dietary guidelines are guided by weak, out-dated science, BMJ report contends

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Science used in proposed U.S. Dietary Guidelines is questioned

MOTHER JONES: How Scientific Are the US Dietary Guidelines?

Medical/science media:

CARDIOBRIEF: BMJ Paper Criticizes Proposed US Dietary Guidelines

MEDPAGE TODAY: BMJ Lambasts U.S. Dietary Group for Shoddy Research

NEWSMAX: US Dietary Guidelines Ignore Latest Nutritional Research: Study

MEDICAL DAILY: Experts Day US Dietary Guidelines May Be A Danger to Millions of Americans’ Health

SCIENCE CODEX: New US dietary guidelines questioned

Non mainstream:

REASON: U.S. Government Nutrition Advice Is Stuck in 1980s

CALORIEGATE: BMJ’s Blockbuster Investigation Rebukes Dietary Guidelines Committee for Lazy Science and Possible Corruption

THE VERGE: “Medical Journal’s Bogus Investigation Could Derail Better Dietary Guidelines”


Links Only (blogs and stories behind paywalls):

POLITICO PRO AG WHITEBOARD: Feature Story in British Medical Journal Critical of Dietary Guidelines Panel (Includes response from USDA/HHS)

MEATING PLACE: British Medical Journal questions U.S. dietary guidelines advice

FOOD WORLD NEWS: What’s Wrong with the ‘U.S. Dietary Guidelines,’ Report Reveals

ECONOMIC VOICE: BMJ Investigation Questions Expert Advice Underpinning New U.S. Dietary Guidelines

MEDICAL XPRESS: BMJ investigation questions expert advice underpinning new US dietary guidelines